Astro SSR with Bun

Bun brings a ton of interesting new tools and APIs. Learn to use Bun on the server with Astro SSR.

Migrating from astro-compress

With `astro-compress` deprecated, it's time to migrate your site to newer Astro features.

Add Search To Your Astro Static Site

Add search to your Astro static site with Pagefind.

Content Collections Types

Easily type custom functionality for your content collections.

Handle Page State in Astro

How to handle page state in Astro.

Can you use UploadThing with Astro?

UploadThing makes file uploading easy. The question is, does it work with Astro?

Middleware Routing in Astro

Astro middleware allows you to intercept requests, and change how they're handled. Use a custom middleware router to control where your middleware will run.

How to Use Auth.js in Astro

Add authentication to your Astro site with the unofficial Auth.js adapter for Astro.

How to Use AuthJS in Astro

Add authentication to your Astro site with the unofficial Auth.js package.

OG Image Generation with Astro

Making OG images for your blog posts is a great way to make your content stand out on social media

Hello from Bun!

Bun 1.0 has dropped, and to start my Bun content spiral, I've migrated my blog's build process to Bun using experimental Cloudflare Pages support.

Use Algolia Docsearch with Starlight

Learn how to use Algolia's Docsearch features in your Starlight documentation with component customisation.

Add sponsors to your Starlight site

Add a sponsors component to your Starlight site to showcase your project's sponsors/affiliates.

Using Tailwind with External Content

A guide to styling external content, such as that from a CMS, or from Markdown, when using Tailwind.